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A Closer Look at Talk915


Work Platform Information

Talk915 offers teachers an easy and simple work platform which can be accessed with any web browser. The classroom can be downloaded within 3 minutes. 

Our teachers provide English classes to young learners from China. Before the lesson is booked, students will pick the lesson material they want to learn. When the student books a class, everything is already prepared. The teacher can preview the lesson material that the student chose and then enter the class by simply pressing the button "Enter Class".

In-Classroom Work Information  

When both the teacher and student are in class, the teacher can start the lesson by an introduction and then proceed to teach the given lesson material.

There are many classroom options to choose from like: "Drawing, inserting pictures and videos, whiteboard, etc..".

Training materials for the classroom are provided before starting work.

Teacher Requirements

-  Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher and Mac.
-  At least 4GB of RAM

- HD External camera or HD integrated camera

- A headset with a microphone, stable output and input

- Wifi or Ethernet connection 
- At least 5 Mbps Download and Upload speed

High School Diploma, 

Neutral, American or British Accent,

Experience is not mandatory, 

TEFL Certificate is provided by the company.

Salary, Work Hours and Application Process

Hourly rate for teachers start at
5 - 7 USD per hour. 

Group classes when available are paid 10 - 30 USD per hour.

The minimal working hours for teachers are 10 hours per week. 
Recommended working hours are 25 hours per week. 

The teachers can work more if they want to.​

The application process: 
CV + Intro video - Demo lesson - Training - On board. 

It typically takes between 3-7 days to finish with the application process and start working.

Ready to Start Working? 

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